We are freeze studio

Freeze studio is Ukrainian art outsourcing company providing a spectrum of custom art services from concept development to fully functional asset in game Engines.
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Who we are
and what we do

Freeze studio provides a full cycle of creating a 3D assets: from the development of an idea to its implementation. We create unique and successful projects regardless of their complexity, taking into account all the desires of our customers and relying on the latest technologies.
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How we built
our work

Our process begins with questions. We explore the context behind a project, researching contemporary trends and new technologies.

Our experience allows us to provide realistic estimates despite your vision, style, and all nuances to meet deadlines.

We'll start with a call to discuss your requests and preferences. Our team will create a plan to agree on deadlines and the best workflow.

(References + imagination + stylus + coffee) x love = ideal concept.

Our team provides you with the best quality 3D modeling environment, characters, and props in different styles.

We will bring life to anything that potentially can move and integrate into your project.

The finishing touches. Together we take the time to ensure the result is exactly how you envisioned it.


We can assist you in many ways!